"We Spent the Night Together"
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Kanji 一夜を共に過ごしたぜ
Romaji Ichiya o Tomo ni Sugoshita ze
Episode no. 5
Duration 24 minutes
Directed by Rika Outa
Written by Jukki Hanada
Original air date 7 February 2013
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"We Spent the Night Together" (一夜を共に過ごしたぜ Ichiya o Tomo ni Sugoshita ze) is the fifth episode of Tamako Market. The episode was written by Jukki Hanada and directed by Rika Outa.


As summer arrives, the girls go to the swimming pool to teach Tamako how to swim while Dera learns of Mochizou's crush on Tamako. Dela decides to accompany Mochizou as he and the others go on a school trip to the beach and help him with his love troubles. When Midori learns of this, she chooses to stand against him, although the heat between them soon calms down by the next day as the gang watch some fireworks.


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