At of this writing, I dunno what should I write here but I wanna leave this message for all contributors here. I thank everyone for your contributions (*feels) and keeping my wiki active, but now It's up to you guys to handle this wiki now that I'm working on to another wiki.

Before I started watching Tamako, my friend, who was an honest person who reviews every anime shows that comes out from Japan, says that TM lacks something and the annoying Dela had almost ruins the good show, giving this show a rated C, however I did not believe what he says and I always thought that Tamako is gonna be a great show. Since I begin watching TM on January and take almost a year to finish it due to my personal work, I realize that my feelings to the show is degrading in every episodes (except the latter episodes), it's somewhat missing from many slice-of-life shows, things that should never applied to real life (Tamako often asks elders for help), Dela is very annoying (without him, this show would be good), and as a big K-ON! fan, this show kinda depressed me (based on how I feel while I'm watching this).

I'm not saying this series is bad, some of my friends told me that Tamako is about relationship to the friends (Tamako's close friends, that's a plus side for me) that's why I did not want to drop this show (I had one more episode to finish it). Sometimes I do like some characters like Anko (even though she really look like Azusa) and Tamako's dad which I can relate him at my age. I heard that Tamako Love Story movie was great so I wanna give this a try soon.

Before I left my wiki, I'll pass my admin power to you guys to keep this active. Just leave a message to my wall and I'll give this to you. I might comeback here from time to time 'cause this was my first wiki I created.

Sayonara, minna. *sobs*

By founder of Tamako Market Wiki,


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