Tomio Shimizu
Tomio profile
Name Tomio Shimizu
Kanji 清水 富雄
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Friends Sayuri Yumoto (crush)
Professional Profile
Occupation Shimizuya
Affiliation Usagiyama Shopping District
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Yoshihisa Kawahara
English Greg Ayres
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Tomio Shimizu (清水 富雄 Shimizu Tomio) is one of the market shop keepers in Usagiyama Shopping District, and runs the tofu shop there, Shimizuya (清水屋).[1]

Appearance Edit

Tomio Front

Tomio is a portly man with an almost afro-like hairstyle. His eyes are brown, and he has small eyebrows. He is most often seen having a set of sunglasses perched near his forehead.

His attire is typically an orange and white short-sleeved, baseball-styled shirt with a dark blue apron tied around his waist. His pants are brown, with green and white sneakers having peach soles.

Personality Edit

He has a gentle, friendly nature. He is, however, shy around Sayuri Yumoto and blushes deeply in her presence.[2] He behaves in a flustered manner when she is indirectly mentioned.[3]

Relationships Edit

  • Sayuri Yumoto: Their relationship is of a one-sided crush on Tomio's side. She remains oblivious to his feelings towards her, but regards him kindly. When having heard of her engagement for another person, he wished her happiness.[2]

References Edit

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