Tamako Market
LightNovel Cover
Vital statistics
Author Mutsuki Ichinose
Illustrator Yukiko Horiguchi
Published on April 8th, 2013
Published by Kyoto Animation
Publication order
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Tamako Love Story (Light Novel)
Tamako Market (たまこまーけっと) is a light novel derivative from the anime of the same name published by Kyoto Animation.[1]

Chapters Edit

  1. いつもと同じプロローグ (A Same as Usual Prologue)
  2. くるくる回るよあの子のハート(That Girl's Heart Spins Around and Around)
  3. あったかおもちはくっつきやすい (It's Easy for Warm Mochi to Stick)
  4. 書けよ捜せよ設計図 (Write and Search For Your Blueprints)
  5. これでテストもこわくない (This Test Wasn't That Scary)
  6. 花束よりも綺麗だぜ (Prettier Than Flowers)
  7. あたまの形が似ているぜ (It Looks Like a Head)
  8. きらめく特訓 ひみつの青春 (Sparkling Training—The Secrets of Youth)
  9. クールなあの子にあっちっち (That Cool Girl is Hot on the Inside)
  10. とべよバトン! 空高 (Baton Leap!—High in the Sky)
  11. いつもと違うエピローグ (A Different than Usual Epilogue)

References Edit


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