Tadashi Yagi
Tamako teacher
Name Tadashi Yagi
Kanji 八木 ただし
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Family Juko Yagi (Wife)
Professional Profile
Occupation Teacher
First Appearance
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Japanese Ken Narita
English Houston Hayes
Image Gallery

Tadashi Yagi (八木 ただし Yagi Tadashi) is the homeroom teacher in Tamako's class, 2-A.[1]

Appearance Edit

Tadashi is a fairly young, spectacled teacher. He has dark brown hair, noticeably dark eyebrows, and brown eyes of a slightly lighter shade of his hair. He is primarily seen in a white shirt with a pink vest over it, along with a red tie.

Personality Edit


Tadashi and his wife.

The teacher is shown to be very energetic with his lessons, and often speaks excitedly when mentioning his beloved wife Juko Yagi—an occurrence that comes along frequently.[1] Around his wife, he is shown to be extremely happy.[2]

References Edit

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