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The front of Ricecake Oh! Zee.

Ricecake Oh! Zee (previously named Ōji-yais one of the stores featured in Tamako Market's Usagiyama Shopping District. It is managed by Gohei Ōji, his wife Michiko, and their son Mochizō. It is located in Usagiyama Shopping District, and is located across from their rival mochi shop Tama-ya. It is known to be more modern with their taste in advertising, in their title and English-titled products.

Their known products are heart-shaped mochi (noted to be strikingly similar to the ones sold at Tama-ya),[1] and Forever Love You Mochi.[2]

Gallery Edit


The mochi shop in the evening.


The mochi shop at night.


The interior of the shop.

References Edit

  1. Tamako Market anime, Episode 2.
  2. Tamako Love Story film, 2014.

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