Mecha Mochimazzi
The Prince
Name Mecha Mochimazzi
Kanji メチャ・モチマッヅィ
Gender Male
Height 152 cm (5'0)
Birthday April 6th
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Friends Dera Mochimazzi
Choi Mochimazzi
Professional Profile
Occupation Prince
Affiliation Mochimazzi family
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiro Shimono
English Greg Ayres
Image Gallery

The Prince (王子 Ōji) is a royalty from the tropical place that Dera comes from who had been searching for his destined bride.[1] His full name is revealed to be Mecha Mochimazzi.[2]


Mechya front

Mecha has green eyes, while having a mahogany skin color. He is short and stands a couple inches ahead of Choi, and wears gold bracelets around his wrists and ankles. His hair is short while having the color of dark coal, while his eyebrows are slightly thick and share the same color as his hair.


A capable ruler despite his young age, he presents himself with a patient and kind exterior. He does not take offense easily, as exemplified in his reaction to Tamako's rejection to his proposal and his tranquility even when spoke to rudely by Dera.[3][4]


  • Dera Mochimazzi: Knowing Dera since childhood, Mecha seems to care for him very much. However, when he had first seen Dera after he had gained so much weight, he did not seem to recognize him.[2]
  • Choi Mochimazzi: Mecha is good friends with Choi, who appears to have a slight crush on him. However, he seems oblivious to this. He also states that without her and Dera, he felt lonely.[3]


  • His Bloodtype is AB.[5]

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