Played Songs Compilation CD (劇中曲コンピレーションCD) is an album collecting all insert songs played from the Tamako Market anime series.[1]

Tracklist Edit

  1. 「My Love's Like」by Cage North
  2. 「Un Lieu de Rencontre」by Marilou
  3. 「O.S.T "Girl Next Door"」by Franco Casa and Paul Bennett
  4. 「Hajimete No Hoshi」by Toshiya Nagoshi
  5. 「Taste a moment of Satan's madness」by Pink Marigold Ice Cream and Giuliano Sopliani
  6. 「Atlantis Flower」by Paul Dante and His Lobularia Orchestra
  7. 「恋の歌」by Dynamite Beans
  8. 「Devata Vlna Tanec」by Vladislav Fibich Symfonietta
  9. 「Girl on the 94」The Cupid's Toy
  10. 「qum Daiwtiigyam」by Daniels
  11. 「Excerpts from "The Return Of The Drowning Witch"(Part1~Part9)」by Hogweed

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