"Hot Hot Hot Over That Cool Girl"
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Kanji クールなあの子にあっちっち
Romaji Kūru na Ano Ko ni Atchitchi
Episode no. 3
Duration 24 minutes
Directed by Taichi Ogawa
Written by Reiko Yoshida
Original air date 24 January 2013
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"Hot Hot Hot Over That Cool Girl" (クールなあの子にあっちっち Kūru na Ano Ko ni Atchitchi) is the third episode of Tamako Market. The episode was written by Reiko Yoshida and directed by Taichi Ogawa.


As a new school year starts, Tamako and her friend Kanna Makino ends up in the same class as badminton club member Shiori Asagiri. That morning, Dera has a run in with Shiori and falls in love with her. After Dera ends up getting lost, Shiori escorts her back to Tamako's house, where Tamako attempts to become friends with her. Due to coincidental situations with her family, Shiori soon ends up staying for dinner and joining Tamako to the baths. The next day, Shiori tries to work up the courage to thank Tamako for the other day, but has difficulties overcoming her shyness. As Shiori ends up helping her homeroom teacher to Tamako's house for a home visit, Tamako takes her to a coffee shop, where she is finally able to convey her feelings of gratitude. As the two become proper friends, Shiori gives her thanks to Dera for helping her out, though rejects his proposal of love. Afterwards, Tamako hears from Midori about how much courage it took for her to convey her feelings properly.

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