Hinako Kitashirakawa (北白川 ひなこ Kitashirakawa Hinako) is the late mother of Tamako and Anko Kitashirakawa, and was Mamedai's wife. She died from an unknown illness prior to the series.[1]


Hinako highly resembled Tamako. In high school, she had short, black hair and blue eyes and was often seen donning a sailor-styled uniform. She had a mole on her neck, similar to her daughter.[2]

Personality Edit

As a teenager, she was a polite girl and revealed to be bashfully modest. Following Mamedai's confession to her, she had immediately scurried away. Despite this, she reciprocated his romantic feelings.[2]

In her short life, Hinako was a loving and supportive mother to her children. Her kind, open-minded nature was apparent in her patient attitude for Mochizō's teasing towards her daughter, as she reassured the latter that he only did so because he had a crush on her.[3]

She acted as the imparter of these values in the Kitashirakawa household with a contrary, yet caring husband, and continued to be viewed in a positive, fond light after her death and the figure Tamako would base her values off of in her teenage years.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • She was skillful at the baton.[5]

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