Episode list. Edit

That Girl is the Cute Daughter of a Mochi Shop Owner#1
703782 494458117272723 1875483643 o Tamako Kitashirakawa encounters a strange pink bird who calls himself Dera Mochimazzi in the flower shop of her shopping district. Thinking she's courted him, he comes home with her. However, he soon attracts many of the residents' attention. January 10th, 2013
A Valentine's Day Blooming With Love#2
205885 431438673594198 1806972362 n With Valentine's Day drawing near, not many are feeling the spirit of the loving holiday. Tamako wants to spread influence with her family's mochi, but her ever-traditional father Mamedai refuses. Meanwhile, Tamako's best friend Midori Tokiwa speculates her growing affection towards Tamako. January 17th, 2013
Hot for a Cool Girl#3
555243 142684739223385 426921831 n The new school year commences, and the shy Shiori Asagiri finds herself struggling to communicate her desire to become friends with Tamako. When incidents occur where Shiori must be an escort to Usagiyama, she finds herself with more opportunities to kindle a friendship with a new companion. January 24th, 2013

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