Chouji Yumoto
Chouji Profile
Name Chouji Yumoto
Kanji 湯本 長治
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Brown
Family Sayuri Yumoto (daughter)
Professional Profile
Occupation Bunny Baths
Affiliation Usagiyama Shopping District
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Kyousei Tsukui
English Christopher Ayres
Image Gallery

Chouji Yumoto (湯本 長治 Yumoto Chōji) is the owner of the Bunny Baths bathhouse, and the runner of Usagiyama Shopping District's meetings.[1]

Appearance Edit

Chouji appears to be a man past his mid-fifties. His skin is relatively tanned, and his hair is grey. He has brown eyes, and a slight mustache above his mouth. He is occasionally seen in a green turtleneck sweater, but primarily wears a brown outer wear commonly seen in bathhouses, green sneakers, and glasses.

Personality Edit

He is an upbeat man, with a slight eccentricity as he'd always dreamed of being able to speak to animals (or in the said case, birds).[1] He apparently stutters when nervous, although this could have been just a gag for the Valentine's Day Meeting.[2]

Although Chouji is usually shown in a happy manner, he was notably solemn when hearing of his only daughter's engagement to the point of closing his bathhouse for a day.[3]

References Edit

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