• Tamapooja


    April 9, 2015 by Tamapooja

    i started learning japaneese language and the culture of japan after watching japaneese anime like tamako market and k-on

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  • Tamapooja


    March 29, 2015 by Tamapooja

    oh my god!! atlast ooji got the courage to confess to tamako(tamako love story)and want to know what happens after tamako acepts it.and i thought its weird that midori had a crush on tamako too!

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  • Rouward


    December 4, 2014 by Rouward

    At of this writing, I dunno what should I write here but I wanna leave this message for all contributors here. I thank everyone for your contributions (*feels) and keeping my wiki active, but now It's up to you guys to handle this wiki now that I'm working on to another wiki.

    Before I started watching Tamako, my friend, who was an honest person who reviews every anime shows that comes out from Japan, says that TM lacks something and the annoying Dela had almost ruins the good show, giving this show a rated C, however I did not believe what he says and I always thought that Tamako is gonna be a great show. Since I begin watching TM on January and take almost a year to finish it due to my personal work, I realize that my feelings to the show …

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  • Norleon

    Hello, my name is Norleon and I'm an admin of the "K-ON Wiki". Recently, the idea came up to create an affiliation-group for all wikis containing content of animes made by Kyoto Animation, which includes your wiki as well. If you are interested to join the discussion about the project, please follow me on the K-ON Wiki. I and the wiki hope to see you there. :)

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  • Karin Kishimei

    I helping out

    May 13, 2014 by Karin Kishimei

    I can see that Tamako Market is a bit out-dated... So, I 'll help out to freshen ot this wikia... I hope your OK with it

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  • Rouward

    After 1 year of being inactive here (thanks to those VSTF scams for blocking me for no reason), I'm finally back and able to contribute in wikia. I appreciate that this maybe really outdated and some fans may dislike this show because of lack of materials (since this is original work and not based on manga, light novel or games either), but I'm willing to start this over again (though I forgot how to maintain this wiki) since I made this wiki last year.

    If Kyoani has greenlit this series for second season, well, everyone will be crazed again.

    By founder of Tamaki Wiki

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  • Rouward

    Wait for January 2014

    August 23, 2013 by Rouward

    After my recent birthday, I was deciding to watch TM this year, but I've change my mind to push til next year, probably around January 2014 because that's the month when Tamako officially broadcasted as well as founding this wiki a year ago. On said month I'll begin to watch this series as well as to be active in this wiki (due to my schedules and work >.

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  • Rouward

    I'm finally back

    August 5, 2013 by Rouward

    I finally came back after 7 months of being inactive. I was temporarily left Wikia 'cause of those abusive VSTF simply blocks me for spamming this wiki although I don't have intention to damage any wiki, just contributing. I've change my network provider a month ago and I knew that the previous network I was subscribing was a scam.

    Recently I was panicking when attempting to login here and I feared that the block duration would go further (I was blocked from January until July). but when I successfully login and tried to open edit, my block was lifted and finally made this blog! (Yay!)

    I really miss you everyone especially to the 2 contributors who helped me improved this wiki!

    Soon I'll watch Tamako Market when I started watching K-On!! in O…

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  • ExtremeVelocity

    Season 2 ??

    June 9, 2013 by ExtremeVelocity

    is there gonna be a second season??

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  • Rouward

    A bit rushed

    January 12, 2013 by Rouward

    Ever since Tamako market becomes very popular on Facebook (even most of my FB friends likes it) I just tried to browse this anime here on Wikia, however when I find out that this wiki wasn't yet created, I tried to create this (making my very first Wiki ever created) and added few pages and images. Because I'm not yet familiar to this anime, I made this a bit rushed so that anyone can continue to add/edit pages. Feel free to share this wiki and help me improve this wiki!

    By Rouward, creator of Tamako Market Wiki

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